attend2IT aims to provide a flawless and complete Event IT Service.

A clinic management package designed from the ground up by the people that now use it every day. It can be used for booking a handful of rooms or even multiple clinics complete with patient notes and full accounting.

Here at attend2IT we do Events, we are passionate about the industry.  It’s quirks and demands are very different from many other sectors.  Having successfully deployed over 5000 temporary events for our customers we also offer them IT support for when they are back in the office.

A fully customisable event app for conveniently uploading and sharing details of issues or notes with your event team while your event is live. The On-site app gives your the opportunity to manage multiple tasks simultaneously at your event and subsequently learn from the data to improve future events

Our in-browser silent auction solution lets you manage your auction with no extra hardware needed and full control in your hands.

Our mission is to provide the best possible care to our patients through an evidence based practice with an emphasis on quality care